Ensuring every employee feels a sense of belonging at work is the base of all our efforts at Haselden. Our team members are our most valuable asset, and we have several DEI initiatives in place to ensure all employees receive equal opportunities and feel like they can bring their authentic selves to work each day.


Culture of Care

Our Culture of Care Task Force drives diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at Haselden to promote diversity in construction. Comprised of a team of employees throughout the company, they work to ensure that all employees at Haselden have equal opportunities and are supported. Their focus is on education and advocacy throughout the company, providing a safe avenue for employees to feel heard. “Our Mission is to enhance employee engagement by fostering a culture of inclusion, equity and sense of belonging within Haselden in which diverse talent, perspectives and approaches drive innovation and growth.”

Lean In

Since 2015, Our Lean In group has focused on supporting, retaining, and recruiting women in construction. Focused on three pillars of Development, Community, and Networking they provide the women at Haselden opportunities to grow together.

  • Lean In Mission Statement: Empower women in construction through support, interpersonal relationships, and professional development.
  • Lean In Goals: Attract a diverse group of women to Haselden and the construction industry

Sense of Belonging

Work is more than just our deliverables. Haselden is and has always been a family-owned company, and this attitude extends to our employees. Our Sense of Belonging Committee plans monthly events to connect with coworkers and build relationships across departments helping all employees to feel at home here. Sometimes we even bring home to the office with events especially planned for the whole family.



We are proud of our safety culture at Haselden and recognize the importance of providing a safe work environment in the construction industry. Our steadfast commitment to innovative safety precautions and protocols carries our teams through every project. 


Training: A great safety culture begins with great training. At Haselden, all employees go through a site safety orientation whether they are in the office or the field. Every employee is OSHA 10 certified, with field employees attending a more comprehensive training spanning three days.

Executing: On every project, safety is our primary objective. Our safety department continues to educate on the job with weekly toolbox talks discussing common safety mistakes and how to correct them. Our Safety Department continually works with the AGC and other entities to implement the most up-to-date practices and help mentor across the industry.

Rewarding: Building a culture of safety requires buy-in from all employees. We have implemented an incentive program to reward both Haselden employees and our subcontractors for catching and correcting dangerous behaviors. This empowers all workers on a job site to keep each other safe.