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Videos | 14th Jan 2023

Celebrating 50 Years in Business! Find out what makes Haselden a great builder.

I am thrilled to officially announce Haselden’s 50th anniversary this year! Back in 1973, my father, Jim Haselden, partnered with Bud Langley to launch Haselden Langley Construction with the mission to be a great builder. Looking back on these 50 years, I am happy to think that their dream has been accomplished. Starting with a simple project at Leyden Garage, we now build buildings that have an impact on Colorado communities for decades to come.

As I reflect on the magnitude of this event, I am reminded of how our values have carried us through to today. Jim and Bud took a step with great courage to begin on their own in a competitive market with a booming economy. Like all great founders, they worked out of my parent’s basement — until having an office space beat saving on overhead. As Haselden grew, we overcome obstacles and changes such the rise of construction unions and multiple recessions. This spirit has pushed us to continue to expand and extend the boundaries of a traditional construction company. In most recent years, we have shifted to an “enterprise approach” and added a real estate development group, restoration services and a robust self-perform.

Throughout this growth, our relationships have carried us through and have made both the struggles and the wins worthwhile. Many of our clients and partnerships extend back decades, adding to the excitement of this milestone as we get to celebrate with those who brought us here. Several of our employees have been with us 20, 25 and even 30 years, seeing us through changes, expansions and great achievements. Haselden is still family owned, and today I am proud to say that our employees are part of the family. The friendships and mentorships this company has created for all of us have been a true highlight over the years. The extent of what we have accomplished in these 50 years–as I have gotten to watch as a child, employee, leader, and now as CEO and President–humbles me, and I cannot thank those who have been a part of our journey enough.

In 2023, I am eager to continue the theme of entrepreneurial spirit as we look to this year and beyond. This will be a year of opportunity to further expand the definition of what a construction company can encompass and push our boundaries to new enterprises and markets–while staying true to our roots of exceptional customer service. As we celebrate our anniversary all year, we will be releasing videos that take viewers through an inside look at Haselden’s history and values and highlighting historical projects from our 50 years of building in Colorado and beyond, the first of which is included below. I look forward to a year of memories, gratitude and celebration to come, and I cannot wait to commemorate this milestone with each of you over the next 12 months. Thank you for your support for the past 50 years, and cheers to 50 more!

-Byron Haselden, President & CEO

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