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Insights | 24th Jan 2024

Haselden’s Culture of Care

Our Culture of Care Committee champions diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at Haselden

Workplace culture is a priority at Haselden – so much so that we updated our purpose statement: To empower our people to be the best version of themselves today to fulfill our customers’ expectations. Part of empowering our people to be the best version of themselves means creating an environment where all team members feel safe to bring their whole selves to work. This is where our Culture of Care Committee comes in.

Modeled after the national Culture of Care, our committee is a dedicated task force to building awareness on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives as well as providing educational opportunities for team members. It is made up of a cross-section of team members from across genders, races, ages, seniority, and job titles to provide representation for all team members. In addition to their job roles, these team members go above and beyond to be champions for all employees. They have become a great resource for all areas of the company – recruitment, leadership, operations, and preconstruction.

“The Culture of Care is an integral part of the culture here at Haselden.” Remarked Zane Card, the committee’s co-chair for 2024. “Being part of the change you want to see in the world, allows every member of the Culture of Care to make an impact here at Haselden. The COC is a chance to be a voice for those who are not able to speak.  A chance to make a change to allow everyone at Haselden to be the best version of themselves. “

We are proud to be continually growing and building a culture that is equitable and inclusive of all employees. Construction is a fantastic and rewarding industry, and we are excited to help be the change where all people feel welcome to join. Thank you to our Culture of Care Committee for putting an emphasis on DEI in our workplace culture and for continually driving change at Haselden to help us be our best selves.

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