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Insights | 12th Jun 2024

Building Leaders at Haselden Construction

At Haselden Construction, our goal is to provide leadership training in order to develop leaders who can continue to build on our coaching culture and empower all our team members to be the best version of themselves. In 2024, our theme is Grow our People, Grow our Business. Great leaders are crucial to this success, and it is our responsibility to give team members the leadership training, tools, and practical knowledge to not only help expand our business, but also help our entire team reach their full potential.

Leadership training at Haselden begins with the foundation of our values that were created in 1973, and our core behaviors that drive the overall enterprise. This foundation focuses on what makes a great team member and how to provide world-class service to our clients. These are the basics for a team member’s success in their role, and important to master for building a career at Haselden. Before a team member can help guide a report or a colleague, they need to have a clear picture of what we are striving for as a company and the tools to help them get there.

Once the foundation has been set, it opens a world of opportunity for our team as they continue to seek new growth opportunities and develop their skills. We build on the initial concepts to provide leadership training courses, leadership development programs, and career ladders to give our team members the tools to become great leaders at Haselden Construction. Whether you are just starting out in your career or trying to make a big advancement move, we’ve got you covered when it comes to career development. Our people are our biggest asset and we have built a foundation centered around a coaching culture. With the construction industry constantly changing and our business growing, we are placing an even bigger emphasis on the growth of our people. This has been reflected in our updated purpose statement and the commitment we made to empowering our people to be the best version of themselves. 

The benefits of investing in our team’s leadership skills are evident in every aspect of our company. 2024 marks our ninth year in a row as a Denver Post Top workplace, and our team engagement continues to improve. Over 75% of our work is with repeat clients, a testament to our commitment to customer service and ability to exceed our clients’ expectations. Building on our culture of leadership training and development allows us to continue to meet these milestones and plan for a season of growth in the next era of Haselden Construction. 

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