The overall scope of these deferred maintenance projects is wide-ranging and includes upgrades such as exterior paving, roof replacements, flooring, plumbing upgrades, IT/security enhancements with entrance controls at each school facility, mechanical equipment replacements, window replacements, fire alarms, guttering, and new roof top replacements across multiple campuses (High School, Middle School, Elementary School, Preschool, Bus Barn, and Ecology). The elementary school scope consists of new carpeting, new double door vestibule with a check-in area, roofing repairs, replacement of the terrace metal stairs, and installation of no-touch faucets and flush valves. The middle school scope consists of roofing repairs and installation of heat tape at the northeast entry to prevent snow buildup. The high school scope consists of new slip-resistant rubber flooring, outdoor staircase replacement, new main entrance with a vestibule and check-in area, as well as science wing roofing repairs and asphalt paving.

Key Stats

Square Footage: Varies
Owner: Aspen School District
Architect: Cunningham Group Architecture
Market: K-12 
Secondary Market: Public
Location: Aspen, Colorado