The JBS Global Food Innovation Center is an approximately 36,000 SF addition of a pre-engineered metal building system to the south of the existing Animal Sciences Building.

Tying together the two different building types was challenging. The original Animal Sciences Building is a conventional structural steel and composite decking structure; tying a metal building into that resulted in many expansion joints to ensure differential movement was allowed to happen. By working closely with the architect and engineers, our team successfully completed a seamless tie-in. The addition provides space for a state-of-the-art livestock and meat processing facility, a research and development center with sensory analysis room, support offices, culinary kitchen with demonstration space, instructional auditorium, retail store, and cafe.

This center is home to the Temple Grandin Animal Handling and Education Center. This center provides students with an integrated facility to provide hands-on instruction, as well as space to study and understand animal behavior within the livestock handling systems designed by Dr. Grandin.

Key Stats

Square Footage: 36,000
Owner: Colorado State University
Architect: Hord Coplan Macht
Market: Higher Education
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado