Haselden has been working with Denver International Airport via an on-call contract since 2013.

Projects range from less than $50,000 to over $6 million, and take place inside the terminal and concourses and outside on the tarmac.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Concourse A Delta Office Fit-Out – Fast-track 70 day schedule delivering 14,200 SF of new office, locker, and restroom space which required work on the concourse, apron, and basement levels. Because project was in a secured area, all workers and equipment had to pass through TSA screening prior to beginning work each day.
  • Stormwater Diversion – Removal of existing shear gates in the stormwater diversion manholes on de-icing pads A, B, and C, and replacing them with new gates. Each required a separate shutdown and carefully executed traffic control plan.
  • Concourse A International Gate Conversion – Converting four gates from domestic to dual use (domestic and international) which required the addition of a new elevator, escalator, and stairwell that affords access to a 180-foot elevated walkway above the concourse which provides for an isolated pathway for travelers entering the US.
  • Gate C-40 – Removing an existing lift station outside the gate and adding a new lift station and trench drain.

Key Stats

Square Footage: Varies
Owner: Denver International Airport
Architect: Varies
Market: Municipal/Cultural
Location: Denver, Colorado