In 2019, Haselden was awarded the Highlands Ranch Package components from the Douglas County School District Bond Improvement Projects. This includes work at Thunder Ridge High School, Ranch View Middle School, and Arrowwood, Eldorado, Heritage, Cougar Run, Saddle Ranch, Trailblazer, and Wildcat Mountain Elementary.

Specifically, the package includes tier 1 scope items made up of roof-top-unit replacement, roof-top-unit refurbishment, generator replacement, master clock replacement, cooling tower replacement, chiller replacement, roof replacement, bleacher replacement and elevator modernization. This package also included tier 2 scope items made up of flooring, storefront assembly repairs/replacement, exterior wall improvements, windows replacement, and countertop replacement.

Key Stats

Square Footage: Varies
Owner: Douglas County School District
Architect: RTA Architects
Market: K-12 
Secondary Market: Public
Location: Douglas County, Colorado