The unique Graland Country Day School project included a brand new, 24,000 square foot Innovation Center and 7,000 square feet in renovations to the existing middle school. The addition and renovations created open and flexible learning spaces – a contemporary approach to classroom settings.

The new Corkins Innovation Center contains the Hunt Family Learning Commons, the Gates Innovation Lab, science classrooms, and communal areas that naturally generate group collaboration and team-building among students.

The Hunt Family Learning Commons includes a library and digital media studio. The space is amenable to both large and small group work. A technologically advanced help desk is easily accessible to assist students as much as possible.

The Gates Innovation Lab provides a space for middle school students to invent the products and systems of tomorrow. It expands learning opportunities as well as provides a welcoming and secure main entry to the Denver campus. This newly enhanced area provides an improved home for the Gates Innovation program and includes a cut room, a 3D printer/laser cutting room, and a flexible maker space. The addition also has two new lower school science classrooms, a new campus main entry and lobby, development offices, and the campus IT hub.

Key Stats

Square Footage: 28,000
Owner: Graland Country Day School
Architect: Cunningham Group Architecture
Market: K-12 Construction
Secondary Market: Private
Location: Denver, Colorado