The NREL Parking Garage & Ingress/Egress project included a parking garage, security building, and infrastructure improvements.

In keeping with NREL’s mission, the entire project was designed and built to the highest standards of sustainability and energy performance. The energy efficiency and sustainability goals of the project were achieved through use of renewable energy, material selection, sustainable design, and sustainable construction techniques.

A roof-mounted array of solar panels, set in saw-tooth formation to maximize solar intake and energy production, covers the entire top level of the parking garage. In addition to supplying power for the campus, the solar roof provides weather and sun protection, minimizing snow removal operations and enhancing comfort and safety for users of the facility.

The new security structure at the entrance to the campus is designed to be a net-zero energy building and to achieve a LEED® Platinum rating. It has the following sustainable features: photovoltiac panels, solar water heating, wind-catcher for natural ventilation, daylight design, and optimized insulation of the building envelope including R-30 walls and R-35 to R-45 roof.

Key Stats

Square Footage: 157,000
Owner: National Renewable Energy Lab
Architect: RNL Design
Market: Office/Parking