The Community Center is the vibrant center of the St. Mary’s Academy campus in Cherry Hills Village. It features learning and teaching areas, dedicated spaces for junior kindergarten through grade 8 activities that previously occurred throughout the campus, and vital music and drama classrooms for the lower, middle, and high schools. The parents have welcomed this spacious and dynamic location for meetings and receptions, as well as appreciating it from an audience standpoint for their students’ performances and art exhibits.

St. Mary’s Academy Community Center features a centralized building for classrooms, offices, and performance spaces that serves the entire k-12 Academy. These spaces include:

  • Dining room for junior kindergarten through grade 8
  • Drama classroom and music classroom
  • Foreign language classrooms for grades 6, 7, and 8
  • Extended daycare and classroom for lower school students
  • Multi-purpose room for large group events and speaking engagements

Key Stats

Square Footage: 24,000
Owner: St. Mary’s Academy
Architect: Roybal Corporation Architects
Market: K-12 Construction
Secondary Market: Private, Worship
Location: Cherry Hills Village, Colorado