The Clayton offers a new type of social experience to its guests. Featuring several luxurious lounge and restaurant spaces, this addition and renovation revitalized the existing boutique hotel formerly known as the Inn at Cherry Creek. The repositioning and makeover included an addition of three new levels and extensive renovations to the current 96,000 SF, seven-story building. Expansions to the restaurant, lounges, and enlarging of the retail space were also completed. The ground-floor amenities are open to the public, but only members and hotel guests have access to the private dining rooms and bars, rooftop pool, and business center facilities that include a coworking lounge, a 5,000 SF conference space, and a 2,400 SF ballroom.

The project required extensive structural modification on the existing hotel to support the new design’s loading and programming. The final design settled on renovating and adding to rather than replacing the original structure.

Due to this project being an existing structure, our team tackled challenges such as 3D scanning application and carbon fiber reinforcement. 3D scanning took place in two phases; the first was completed prior to demolition, with blind spots in the scan due to open ceilings; the second scan was completed after demolition with no direct obstacles. While the carbon fiber reinforcement was a necessary addition to maintain the structural integrity of the building, it was applied around column locations where plumbing risers were to be located. Due to this, coordination was paused to primarily focus on relocating penetrations and hangers to accommodate these reinforcements.

Key Stats

Square Footage: 96,000
Owner: BMC Investments
Architect: 4240 Architecture
Market: Hospitality
Location: Denver, Colorado