The Twombly Elementary School project consisted of remodeling the interior of the building. Additionally, the fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems were upgraded bringing the school building up to code.

The Twombly Elementary School remodel included new paint, carpet, cabinet faces, counter tops, light fixtures, and lighting controls in all classrooms. Additionally, new smart-board technology was installed and the wall partitions were extended to the deck for sound dampening in each of the classrooms.

The door hardware was upgraded throughout the building as well as the PA system. The scope also included new heating and cooling system, ceiling tiles, and pavement. Haselden also enclosed the stage for a single purpose use, and enlarged the commons room.

Key Stats

Square Footage: 90,000
Owner: Weld County School District RE-8
Architect: Hord Coplan Macht
Market: K-12 
Secondary Market: Public
Location: Fort Lupton, Colorado