Real Estate Development,
Making Visions A Reality

Making Visions Reality

For nearly 20 years, we have used our proven technical expertise to create a host of carefully considered, thoughtfully managed, and successfully implemented real estate development projects. We maintain a small number of projects to ensure each receives the direct attention of our principals, and our strategy has resulted in a continuous string of successful projects.

Haselden’s development capabilities include all aspects of deal evaluation, pro-forma development and review, soft and hard cost budgeting, entitlements, design review and evaluation, design team management, construction team management, project invoice processing, contingency management, and overall schedule preparation and management. We can also provide and source capital.

From  conception  to  execution,  our  proven  track  record  of  successful development  projects  allows  us  to  continue  to  focus  our  resources  on growing  our  strategic  alliances  and  maintaining  our  disciplined  approach  to the  process.

Our Mission Statement: Haselden Real Estate Development creates buildings that improve their surroundings and provide a unique, sustainable built environment for our clients and customers through thoughtful, quality design while seeking exceptional investment returns for our investors.

Ed Haselden

Chairman of the Board

Ed Haselden is Board Chairman of Haselden Construction. Ed brings more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry, is an established member of the community, and has served on numerous boards.

David Lueders

Executive Vice President & Chief Risk Officer

David Lueders is Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer for Haselden Construction in Centennial, Colorado.

Chris Murdy

Managing Director

Chris manages every aspect of the real estate department. His primary focus is on sourcing deals, site identification, design, and set-up of each project. He is dedicated to project strategy and working through project budgets as well as overseeing all development deals.

Jerry Blocher

Director of Development

Jerry’s strong background in construction lends itself to managing all aspects of the development process. He runs a deal from start to finish, including working on deal analysis, scheduling, entitlements, financing, construction, and underwriting.

Shae Devlin

Senior Development Accountant

Shae manages the accounting cycle for each individual deal in the real estate development department, including tracking of the investment funding sources, preparation of bank loan draws, processing payments to all development vendors, and preparation of the monthly Financial Statements. 

Mike Concordia

Acquisitions & Capital Manager
Mike’s background in construction and strategy helps propel our current and future developments. His primary focus is on the front end of deal sourcing, land acquisition, market analysis, entitlements, underwriting, and capitalization.