Denver, CO

Timeless design combining modern and historic aesthetics.

With historic and modern appeal, this office project includes state-of-the-art electronics, fiber optics, and excess power requirements to handle the high-tech office needs of tenants. As Managing General Partner of Millennium Financial Center LLP, Haselden arranged the equity partners, acquired the land, procured financing, negotiated lease contracts, hired a design team, and constructed the new office building and new underground parking garage, as well as finishing 100,000 SF of tenant space.The previous land owner was part of the partnership, utilizing their land as an equity contribution.

The project combines modern materials of brick, stone, concrete, and steel in a fashion to blend with the historical character of lower downtown Denver. The new six-story office building includes five levels of underground parking. Design and construction entailed a fast-track overlap whereby construction immediately followed its respective design. In addition, Haselden has completed several tenant improvement projects for occupants of the center.

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