At Haselden, we seek to fulfill our customers’ needs completely and our suite of services reflects that. From preconstruction through to warranty, our mission is to build clients for life.


Starting in preconstruction, our team becomes the expert on your project. We involve the entire team early to ensure there is no handoff between the planning and building phase. Our team of estimating experts are skilled in guiding our clients through each phase of design maximizing budgets and ensuring the final build will meet your vision.


Construction is where the vision set forth in planning takes shape. There is no hand-off from preconstruction to operations as both teams have been involved since project award. With quality at the top of mind, our teams work with subcontractors and suppliers to lock in prices early and continue to drive the schedule. Our expert teams are client advocates throughout construction with trusted skill so clients can rest easy throughout the process.


Quality projects are made at the beginning of construction, not as a project is closing out. Our team takes quality control seriously and embeds it in every action on the job site. Our quality and control manager ensures all teams are meeting client expectations and delivering exceptional results.

Virtual Design and Construction

Our in-house virtual design and construction team creates value for your project through the ability to foresee risk through coordination of systems, 4D simulation, 5D estimates, and constructability reviews. We develop a virtual model using BIM (building information modeling) technologies that allow us to: understand constructability issues; identify and resolve interferences through clash detection; improve building quality; and plan and sequence construction efficiently. This enables us to reduce requests for information (RFIs), reduce field change orders and their resulting cost and schedule impacts, and ultimately enhance construction processes


As your project wraps up, we make the transition from construction to occupancy seamless. We remain your partner long after your project closes out. Our goal is to build clients for life and we stand ready and available to assist with any questions and concerns after your project is completed.