Haselden Concrete operates as a full-service, standalone concrete subcontractor able to tackle your project big or small. Our team is comprised of concrete experts with decades of experience across the industry. With over 70 projects under our belts, our expertise rivals our independent competitors. Whether we are taking on a self-perform contract for a Haselden project, or an outside subcontract job for another general contractor, we have the resources and skill to deliver exceptional results.


  • Foundation Walls, Slabs, Foundation Columns, & Caissons
  • Sidewalks, Curbs, & Gutters
  • Flatwork – Interior & Exterior
  • Saw Cutting & Core Drilling 
  • Specialty Finishes (polished, decorative, epoxy coated floors)
  • Right-of-Way Work (sewer, water, storm drainage)

A Competitive Spirit

We are competitive both in our drive to complete the highest quality projects and to provide the best value to our clients. Because we compete on contracts outside of Haselden, our clients can be sure they are getting our best price. Self-performing our concrete helps us avoid common pitfalls on a project and integrate critical path items more fully into our schedule.

Construction Confidence

Although Haselden Concrete operates as a standalone division, we have the full backing of Haselden Construction. This provides another layer of quality and schedule assurance for any project we take on. Not only does Haselden Construction guarantee quality and schedule excellence, it provides industry leading safety practices and a dedicated safety department to ensure we meet the strictest standards on every job.